Sports Getaways

Sports have been around in history for quite awhile, entertaining all ages and kinds of people for centuries. Sports keep the spirit of competition going throughout the hearts of everyone in the world. With our selection of sports getaways, you’ll be able to take a trip to the next big games of football, basketball, etc. Book your trip with Legacy and we will make sure that your experience will be like no other.


Lakers vs. Warriors Christmas Day

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Christmas day is also game day, which means you should come on out to California with our Christmas Day travel package! ($1,386) Here is why you should come on out:

  • Game is held in Oakland, California  

  • Most hyped up event of the year

  • First regular season meeting between the two teams

  • Highly anticipated matchup by all NBA fans.


NFL Games

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Everyone loves football, and with that there are many different games going to be played. Enjoy each one of them or simply go to one. Whichever ones you pay for, you can go to. These current tickets come with the flight and hotel included, so no more worrying about setting those up! Legacy has got your back!

NHL Games

Quick, intense, and always moving, hockey is the sport to watch with family and friends, so why not buy one of our NHL game tickets? Included in these current tickets, the flight and hotel are included, so your enjoyment will be at its highest.


2019 NFL PRo bowl

With the flight and hotel included, your excitement will not be for nothing. Buy this product to go to the 2019 NFL pro bowl in Orlando, Florida to see one of the most amazing football games in the world. Anyone who buys this will be provided with a flight from American Airlines and will be provided reservations at a local Marriott Hotel.


College Football Championship

Enjoy watching football, but you’d rather see the up and coming players from your favorite colleges instead of professional players? Great! Purchase this package and go see the exciting and blood-pumping game at the College Football Championship. This package includes a flight and hotel, so no need to worry about making your own flights or reservations!

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