Sports Packages

Here at Legacy we love all kinds of sports, from sports like basketball, baseball, and even Unicycle hockey! So naturally we offer a bunch of sports packages. We only offer sorts that are currently in season. Don’t miss out on the chance to be in a crowd of cheering fans!


MLB Games

Here at Legacy we’re hyped for the MLB season. So we’re hoping that you’ll be hyped with us. So we offer an assortment of top notch seats to rivalry games or iconic areas. We also offer hotels that are walking distance from the stadium. All in all, we want to offer you an fantastic experience with America’s past time. Just click on the “Learn more” button to see what games we offer!



March Madness: Western Regional lower baseline 201

It’s the biggest event in March: The Big Dance. Where upsets and surprises happen left and right, like UMBC blowing out the top seed Virginia. All teams are playing their hardest because most of them won’t play basketball on national TV ever again so this is their time to shine. The teams are still being selected to join so stay tuned and make those brackets. Why would you watch your brackets break at home when you can do it live in the stadium! We’ll take you to see the Western Regional or part of the sweet 16 and elite 8. The ultimate winner will move on to the Final 4. We offer a 4 day trip to Anaheim to watch the entirety of the regional. The seats are on the court right behind the backboard to ensure that you will be on TV and the only people in front of you are court side seats. . Overall with hotel and flight included it will be $2600. March madness in a magical event where literally anything can happen. Take this chance to see the magic in action


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March Madness: NCAA Championship and Final 4 Package- Lower CORner 116

Everything leads up to this. After 60 teams have come and gone only 4 remain. With Cinderella stories, buzzer beaters, close games, blood, sweat, and tears. The intensity of all the players will make these games a must watch. See watching only the final 4 live would be an amazing thing to offer but at Legacy we want to go the extra mile to make it an experience like no other. So after watching the Final 4 you also get to see the NCAA championship game. At this point most brackets have been torn to shreds so you can watch a legendary basketball game without the disappointment of one of your teams breaking your bracket. Each teams wants to cement their place in history. They want to leave their legacy on college basketball because this is probably their last game they’ll ever play competitively never the less on national television. The seats are close to nearly on the court so they’re great. So we’ll take you on a 4 night trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota, home of the Mall of America, to watch both the final 4 and the NCAA championship game. With hotel and flight included it’ll be $4500. Be a part of the grand finale!