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Jerusalem is a city full of culture. It’s a sacred city for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. It’s a city that has lasted the test of time. Since its such a important religious city, its a prefect place to celebrate Easter! Jerusalem is mentioned all throughout the bible so it can add authenticity to your holiday! Jerusalem has a variety of food from each culture. You can start of your trip at the famous Galita Chocolate Workshop. It’s a tour of a chocolate factory and you’ll get to make your very own chocolate! Next you’ll be taken to the Ein Yael Living Museum. This museum goes out of it’s way to present how life would have been in ancient Jerusalem. Its an outdoor museum with various animals and fun interactive workshops along the way! Next is a Judaean Desert trip in either a Jeep or a Camel. The Judaean Desert has beautiful desert hills and is mention thought the bible. You can go on a tour through the ancient city of Jerusalem where you can fully experience the culture. Lastly, it wouldn't be Easter without an Easter egg hunt! So there is an Easter egg hunt all thought Jerusalem. You’ll be staying at the Leonardo Hotel: a 4 and 1/2 star hotel that’s located in the center of Jerusalem. Overall this trip is 4 Days ($3200 ). Again, Jerusalem is a sacred and ancient city that is important to the three major religions. It’s diverse with history and different cultures which should be an unforgettable Easter!

  • Leonardo Hotel in Jerusalem

  • Galita Chocolate Workshop

  • Judean Desert Jeep or Camel Tour

  • Jerusalem Day Tour

  • Ein Yael Living Museum

  • Easter Egg Hunt