Our Packages

Here at Legacy we embrace the idea of variety. So we offer an assortment of packages ranging from the tropical paradise of Hawaii to the untapped beauty of Alaska. We also provide sports game to entice any fan. Finally we love holidays here at Legacy so we also offer seasonal packages. Take a trip and be festive to any holiday. If we don’t offer a package that you would be looking forward to be sure to email us at legacy.il@veinternational.org and we’ll make it a priority to meet your need because we all need a little getaway from our daily lives.


Legacy's constantly changing selection of seasonal packages, offering for travelers’ looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s perfect opportunity to try something new and seasonally related. From Halloween to Memorial day you can count on us for a quick getaway. We also offer break packages for long weekends because everyone deserves a break.


Feel like going outside to a beach shore? Want to just chill at a poolside resort? Or just want to enjoy the wonderful weather of the tropics? Check out our warm weather packages. We offer warm locations all across all across the world from Los Angeles to Santorini, Greece so you can explore the world while relaxing paradise


If warm weather isn’t quite your thing check our our Cold Weather Packages! You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and some of the great mountain tops that the world has to offer in Colorado or the French Alps. You could vacation to a city and explore some of world's most iconic cities such as Tokyo Japan and New York City. You can adventure in cold temperature so you have a “cool” vacation.


We love baseball here at Legacy. We’re entering into the grind of a baseball season. We offer a variety of match ups that should be phenomenal games. Enjoy America’s pastime with Legacy!