MLB Games

We offer an assortment of MLB games with amazing seats and a hotel for your stay in the city.

Please note, we do not provide flight. You may need to buy a flight to the city if you’re not within driving distance.


Dodgers @ Cubs- (Infield Club Box 10, Row 1) 4/26/19

A rematch of the 2017 playoff match up. Both teams have World Series aspirations. Cubs want to repeat the magic back in 2015 and the Dodgers want to redeem themselves after last year’s World Series. This should be a game where both teams want to prove that they have what it takes to win the Commissioner’s Trophy. These seat are almost on the field to the pint where you’re level with the players on the field. With hotel included it will be $750. These are two team with championship aspirations so you won’t want to pass up this chance to witness a phenomenal game with phenomenal seats!


Tigers @ WHite Sox (Diamond Box 140, Row 9) 4/23/19

Historically the Tigers and White Sox have be rivals since 1901, when they joined the ALS. Both teams have a fueled hatred for each other. This should be a gritty close game where both teams have this game circled on the calendar, ready to prove who will have bragging rights. These seats are a very close to the field along the 3rd base line to the point where you’re almost next to the players. All in all with hotel included it will be $450. Dont miss this hance to go to an amazing rivalry game!


Brewers @ CARDINALS (Diamond Box 145, Row F) 4/23/19

The NL Central division is possibly the most competitive division this year. The Brewers, after losing in the NLCS last year they want to prove that last year wasn’t just a Cinderella story. Meanwhile the Cardinals didn’t make they playoffs. They haven’t been to the postseason since 2015. The Cardinals with a great pitching rotation are hungry for the playoffs. This inter-conference game should be a must watch. These are excellent seat right behind the dugout and next to the owner’s seats. This stadium is a work of modern art which should add to your experience. All in all these tickets cost $650 with hotel included.

Yankees @ Angels (Field MVP 127, Row V) 4/23/19

The Yankees are a historic franchise. They’ve won numerous of championships and have been filled with talent over the years such a Babe Ruth and currently rising star Arron Judge. The looked like a team on the rise till they faced the Red Soxs in ALDS where they only took one game and lost by an average of 6.25 ppg. The Angels also have a rising star in their hand with Mike Trout. He’s been an All-Star for the two years he’s played in the league. However, they’ve faced injury problems and didn’t make the playoffs last year, but now look ready for this season. Both of these team have a solid foundation to build upon and it could be a showcase of the new front runners in the ALS. The seat are located along the first base line and with hotel included it will be $600. Be apart of the ride as these two rising teams face off.

Tigers @ Red Sox (Field Box 9, Row C) 4/23/19

The Boston Red Sox are riding their championship glory. Last year they defeated the 2017 World Series Champion Astros to win their first championship since 2013. Meanwhile the Tigers aren’t sharing the same success. The Tigers haven’t won a world series since 1984. To put that into context, the Walkman and cassette tapes were widely used. They did however, make the world series in 2006, but got swept by the Cardinals and the team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2011. This will be a true David v. Goliath match-up. A strong team in the Red Soxs and a team that’s in a deep playoff drought. This may seem like the odds are stacked against the tigers, however, anything can happen when it comes to the MLB. These seats are located very close to the first base line to the point where you’re nearly eye level with the players. You can also enjoy the historic Fenway Park and see the Green Monster. With hotel included this will be $550. Overall it will be a good experience and a chance to see the defending chaps in their prime


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