MLB Games

We offer an assortment of MLB games with amazing seats and a hotel for your stay in the city.

Please note, we do not provide flight. You may need to buy a flight to the city if you’re not within driving distance.


Dodgers @ Cubs- (Infield Club Box 10, Row 1) 4/26/19

A rematch of the 2017 playoff match up. Both teams have World Series aspirations. Cubs want to repeat the magic back in 2015 and the Dodgers want to redeem themselves after last year’s World Series. This should be a game where both teams want to prove that they have what it takes to win the Commissioner’s Trophy. These seat are almost on the field to the pint where you’re level with the players on the field. With hotel included it will be $750. These are two team with championship aspirations so you won’t want to pass up this chance to witness a phenomenal game with phenomenal seats!


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