Hotel and Flight

So, you don’t live close to where your vacation is? Can’t drive? Don’t want to set up reservations? Don’t want to plan a flight? That’s no problem! Let Legacy make life a bit easier for you!

With our Hotel and Flight purchase, we set up the best and most efficient flights for you. By purchasing our hotel option, we set up your reservations and stay at some of the best hotels in the world, located the closest to your destination and vacation. If you purchase our flight package, we will find a super awesome flight, in a business class seat, for you to take to your destination, promising safe travel and comfortable commodities.

At Legacy, our main goal is to make sure that each customer is satisfied with their vacation, but we also care about the journey there. You can always trust Legacy to set up your hotel reservations and flights.

Please only purchase these options if you have purchased a sports game ticket without a flight/hotel included and need a hotel or flight. All of the other packages come with hotels and flights included in the total price. If a package includes the flight and hotel, it will always be listed alongside it.