Domestic WARM WEATHER PackageS

Feel like getting outside into the warm weather? Relaxing on the beach? Having some fun in the sun? Go no further and check out our warm weather getaways! We have a variety of different packages that allow you to take trips to somewhere warm with your family, friends, or even by yourself if you simply need some alone time. Trips and vacations in warm weather can really help you let loose and feel less stressed, allowing you to come to a state of complete relaxation. Plus its spring break season so all of our domestic warm weather packages are 10% off!


Maui, Hawaii

Take a 5 day vacation (was $3,000, Now $2,700) on the beautiful island of Hawaii. With flight included you’ll be staying at the Marriott King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel, which is a beach side resort. You can choose up to 3 activities to take part in during your stay.


Sunrise bike tour





Ever wanted to go to Hollywood? Roam the streets of California, surrounded by famous actors and actresses? Look no further and buy our Getaway to Los Angeles package! We offer a (3 Day Trip -was 2,400, Now $2,160) and a 5 Day trip - was $2,750, Now $2,475) Over night, stay at the wonderful JW Marriot. Enjoy many activities including:

  • Includes flight

  • Optional Beach Day

  • Spend the day at Disneyland or Universal Studios

    • Optional flash pass

    • “Flash Pass”- $60-$150

  • Marriot Hotel

  • Beach/ Hollywood tour

  • Bus tour

    • Tour of the LA Rams Stadium

    • Tour of the LA Dodgers Stadium

    • Visit to the Griffith Observatory

    • Visit to the Hollywood Sign(End of Tour)



Feel like traveling to the state of Florida for all kinds of extravaganzas? Look no further and purchase our Miami, Florida travel package! (3 Days - was 1$,705, Now $1,534 5 Days - was $2,035, Now $1,831.50) Pick up to 5 activities to enjoy during your stay.

  • Includes flight

  • Hotel (Marriott)  

  • Fishing

    • Deep sea fishing

  • Sports:

    • Dolphins

    • Heat

  • Miami zoo

  • Skydiving