About Us

Legacy, based in Naperville, IL, was created on August 21st, 2018. With a great idea in mind and a dedicated group of students, the company began. We brainstormed many different ideas in the beginning and came to the conclusion of creating travel packages for consumers to purchase. Everyone should be able to take a vacation every now and then, so we thought that we might as well make it easier to do so.

Within the first few weeks, we were given our jobs at the company. Through tedious interviews and direct information coming from each person, students were able to be placed in the correct spots where they are needed in the company. Students were allowed to choose their top 3 spots that they wanted, and most of them ended up getting their number 1 spot.

Our goal at Legacy is to create travel packages that are not only packed with excitement, fun, and relaxation, but to create packages that are affordable. Booking a trip on your own can end up being tiring and double the price. Our success will be measured by the happiness of those who go on the trips that we set up within the packages.