Our Story

        4 years ago, our founders dared to create a company that guaranteed nothing but the highest caliber products and services to guarantee our customer’s complete satisfaction. With nothing but our wit and our hands, we employed innovation and cooperation to create a unique product that would ensure that we could serve our loyal customers best. For years, we strove to ensure that we fulfilled our basic principles and continued our founder’s legacy through ingenuity and hard work. Today, Legacy is proud to introduce a new line of luxury, Smart products centered around the outdoors that use only the best of materials and technology. Because in the end, your satisfaction is our success.

So lets live a little, and build our legacy, together.




Legacy at the Midwest Leadership Conference @ NIU naperville

Legacy at the Midwest Leadership Conference @ NIU naperville

Office Hours

Monday : 7:25am–8:10am
Tuesday : 7:25am–8:10am
Wednesday : 7:25am–8:10am
Thursday : 7:25am–8:10am
Friday : 7:25am–8:10am


2360 95th Street
Naperville, IL 60564

Email & Phone

email : legacy.il@veinternational.org
630-428-6000 x tbd



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