Mountain Sports

Take your adventure to new heights, to the tops of the world, and do so with Legacy's line of high altitude sporting equipment.


Legacy Snowboards

Legacy® Snowboards incorporate thermal expansion technology, passive stabilizers, and a rigid exterior to provide only the smoothest experience. Default comes with the specialized Legacy decal.



Cactus Pack

It’s hot outside, we know. But with the hands-free Legacy® Cactus Pack, you can consume any drink of your choice outside cooled or heated to your specifications using the Cactus Pack’s internal, adjustable temperature regulation systems. Also allows a small amount of storage above the liquid containment storage.


Legacy Snowmobile

Legacy® Smart Snowmobiles incorporate many aspects of our LTVs including the low riding aluminum chassis and high end 164 HP four-stroke engines to move the treated and toughened kevlar composite tracks. Our snowmobiles also contain automatically adapting gyroscopes and sensors to ensure perfect landings and contains an autopilot module that, upon demand, roughly directs the snowmobile to safely reach a predetermined destination while avoiding most obstacles.


Legacy Ski's

Legacy® Skis are composed of layers of hardened fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, and steel and laced with carbon-kevlar to ensure incredible toughness. The structure is specially designed to ensure optimal performance by elevating the mid section and specially cutting the sides and front.