Land Sports

Take your Legacy onto land to experience a great sense of adventure.



Think you can’t be comfortable in the outdoors? Try a Legacy® Smart Hammock. Not only is it incredibly durable with its specialized fabric, but our hammocks provide Wi-Fi, passive bug repellent technology, and adaptable temperature regulation systems.



Need some adrenaline and excitement but want to stay safe? Try a 4 wheel Legacy® Terrain Vehicle specially designed to prevent injury but simultaneously offer incredibly experiences with its temporary speed boosts and an 88 HP engine. Our LTV's are hardened against damage through  its treated material composition and tempered chassis.


Inflatable Sack

Featuring a Diamond Lattice nylon exterior and Polyvinyl chloride interior,  a Legacy® inflatable sack is nigh on impenetrable and incredibly easy to inflate. Lasting up to 5 hours and capable of housing 4 people in extreme comfort, it only requires the press of a button before our automatic suction filter fills the sack with air.


Motorized Longboard

The incredibly low center of gravity and ride height gives its users unparalleled confidence and speed. The chambered construction provides optimal energy use for high performance. As an additional feature, Legacy has included a low powered motor to assist with elevations and increase speed. Protected by a small steel container attached to an electric power system connected to the wheels, the motor will only enhance the experience.


Legacy Tent

Composed of cotton, nylon, and polyester, our weatherproof Smart Hammocks incorporate passive bug repellent technology, Wi-Fi, and adaptable temperature regulation systems to offer unprecedented comfort for up to 6 people. When needed, only a press of a button is needed to inflate the interior of the tent and harden the aluminium structure.