Aquatic Sports

Take your adventure beyond land with Legacy's line of aquatic sporting equipment. Your adventure has only just begun, now its time to take it to the next level!


Jet Ski

Featuring a powerful 100 hp engine and a custom built tainted aluminium, steel infused chassis, Legacy® Jet-skis offer durability, performance, and maneuverability. For a more exciting experience, our Jet-skis include a short duration speed boost that allows speeds of up to 120 mph for at most a minute.


Smart Kayak

The Smart Kayak® is a luxury,  single-man Kayak with temperature modifying technology, integrated Wi-Fi, and customizable LED lights. Boasting a treated roto-molded polyethylene structure and specialized treated wood oaks, Legacy® Kayaks couple luxury with speed and durability. Users can now enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.


Fishing Pole

Constructed of treated graphite and carbon with a fiberglass interior, our fishing poles offer durability and flexibility and comes with 100 meters of 80lb silk fishing line string.




With a carbon fiber and Kevlar composition, the main body of our surfboards is both light-weight and sturdy against water impact. Every Legacy Surfboard comes with two fins attached to ensure directional integrity while our board design optimizes performance and minimizes possible instabilities.